( Hardstyle )

John Bas has been an influential part of the underground music scene since 1990. John stepped it up a notch in 1994 by founding Electronic Chaos; a production company dedicated to keeping New York’s underground scene alive. Electronic Chaos was known for it’s countless outlaw parties featuring some of the best talent the scene had to offer.
More recently, John Bas has led Electronic Chaos to be one of the top graphic design companies in the scene offering graphic design for CDs, flyers, records and logos, 3D Illustration, web design and much more. Besides John’s success behind the scenes, John has risen thru the ranks as a skilled DJ. John began spinning hardcore in the early 90’s and continued to gain recognition in this style. John has performed at countless events in the metro New York area as a hardcore DJ.
It wasn’t until a mind-blowing trip to Holland in 1999 that John Bas found his true calling. After hearing the new sound of music there, John suddenly switched styles to Dutch Hard House, better known today as HardStyle. Ever since, John has been one of the few and best DJs in the states to perform in this style.
John has even begun producing HardStyle recently with DJ Delirium. To date, they have completed several new tracks soon to be released. The first release “Locked Inside Your Mind” is featured on DJ Venom’s new CD on Topaz Records.
With all the action at the moment in John Bas’s career, he is definitely an artist to keep your eye on.

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