( Hard House & Hardcore )

Involved in the rave/techno scene since early 92/93 Niko was a regular party goer, and attended a good number of the events that helped shape the Northeast scene, including one of the legendary Storm Raves, the NASA weekly's, and Ultraworld's historic events.

With roots in Pennsylvania he soon became involved in bringing the NYC Undergound out to the Poconos... This well experienced DJ soon became known for his combination of Hard House and Dutch Hardcore. One of Pensylvania's Best Niko has the skillz and sounds to keep the crowds jumping!!!

In 1996 he joined forces with Electronic Chaos, an organization that was originally established as a promotion group, ironically his competitor. Niko has been an esential part in the expansion of EC with everything from specialising in graphic design, to artist promotion, to having thrown many successful events.

For More Info and Bookings Please E-Mail: Contact@dj-niko.com.